The best way forward may be to transform these AIs into digital scientists
What made the move easy for me, and why I prefer Mastodon to Twitter
A metric with the potential to reduce bias in science and (through better science communication) society
We believe our modern society is advanced, yet it seems to me that we live in the awkward middle ground between a truly advanced society and a primitive…
Why and how this simple idea could work well to reduce scientific bias
Contrary to the classic view of emotions being antirational, a fully rational human would feel life strongly
Welcome to the first issue of the Bias Research Initiative’s online newsletter, Practically Scientific! The Bias Research Initiative’s purpose is to…
This is Practically Scientific, a newsletter about the transformational potential of science & reason, and the cognitive biases holding us back.
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Sparks in the Wind
François Chollet
Astral Codex Ten
Astral Codex Ten
Scott Alexander
Letters from an American
Heather Cox Richardson
Science Fictions
Science Fictions
Stuart Ritchie

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